Founder Bio

John Burnett grew up in the south side of Chicago. He attended Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, completing a BS in Marketing and an MS in Economics. There he met and married his wife Nancy. John launched his academic career at James Madison College (now James Madison University). He later earned a Doctorate of Business Administration at the University of Kentucky. Across the next three plus decades, he taught at Texas Tech University, Texas A&M University, and the University of Denver, from which he retired in 2010. In 2011, DU awarded him Professor Emeritus. His scholarly writing focused on market segmentation along with marketing communications/advertising.

During his academic career, John maintained a successful consulting practice that included public speaking to audiences ranging from 10 to 5,000, in-house training for companies such as AT&T, First Data, and Coors, working with for-profit and nonprofit organizations to create marketing plans and strategies, and serving as an expert witness in the areas of unfair competition/trademark infringement.

Today, John focuses on expert witness assignments, training/coaching, and his writing.

Download a copy of Dr. John Burnett’s curriculum vitae.

My Philosophy

John Burnett Marketing aims to identify realistic marketing strategies for CEOs and CMOs working in for-profit organizations, as well as those operating in the legal sector, in order to achieve both organizational and personal growth.

World-famous marketing guru, Philip Kotler, has noted, “Marketing is about revenue, everything else is cost.” I concur. Moreover, I believe that many companies do not understand the principles and practices of strategic marketing.

Marketing has often become a set of specialties, such as product management, advertising, and social media. It is based on the hottest fads. In my opinion, this does not work.

I believe that effective marketing is based on a solid foundation, i.e., the marketing plan. Without such a plan, the firm will be tactic-based, employing isolated tools that are neither justified nor integrated.

I believe that I have both the knowledge and experience to facilitate the marketing efforts of large firms, small firm, nonprofits, and law firms. More importantly, I feel it is necessary to create a trusting relationship with my clients that is enduring and leads to mutual success.


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