Books by Dr. John Burnett


I authored/co-authored twenty college textbooks and trade books during my 41- year career.

The more popular textbooks are as follows:

  • Promotion Management [2 editions]
  • Core Concepts of Marketing [2 editions]
  • Introduction to Marketing Communications [2 editions]
  • Advertising: Principles and Practices [7 editions]/Number one advertising textbook

Recently, I focused my writing from textbooks to trade books:

  • Managing Business Crisis – Published in 2007, this book examines the traditional techniques business organizations employ to deal with crises. It also proposes a set of tools that can both prevent and mitigate crises if implemented correctly. These proactive tools are connected with reactive responses to create a comprehensive crises management plan. The book can be purchased through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other reputable outlets.
  • Nonprofit Marketing Best Practices – The nonprofit sector has a long-standing history of using tactics instead of planning. In this 2008 book, Dr. Burnett places the problems of operating a nonprofit within the context of a marketing plan. This approach does not eliminate proven tactics such as fundraising and collaterals, but puts them in context. The book can be purchased through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other reputable outlets.
  • How Marketing Can Help Lawyers Make More Money – Co-authored with Becky Carroll, this book focuses on the benefits lawyers can engender by using a comprehensive marketing plan. Moving away from common tactics such as rainmaker and educational conferences, this book considers a systematic approach that is practical and doable.

Two ebooks now available:

“As he has done in the past, Burnett explains marketing in a simple and a simple way to apply his approach legal professionals. Whether you are a sole practitioner or an attorney at a large law firm, this how-to guide will be a resource as you begin to understand marketing and how it fits into your practice.” –Heather B. Baker, Manager, Patten Boggs LLP

“The chapter on Personal Selling is worth getting the book itself. John Burnett applies his four decades of teaching marketing to create a comprehensive, step-by-step approach to marketing for lawyers.”Larry Bodine, Esq., Apollo Business Development


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