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Business Crisis Management

Managing Business Crises by Dr. John BurnettManaging Business Crises – Published in 2007, this book examines the traditional techniques business organizations employ to deal with crises. It also proposes a set of tools that can both prevent and mitigate crises if implemented correctly. These proactive tools are connected with reactive responses to create a comprehensive crises management plan. The book can be purchased through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other reputable outlets.


“This volume offers a proactive, effective system for managing crises, from minor to catastrophic events. It is clearly written with many figures, examples, and short cases to illustrate the concepts….Highly recommended. Professional and practitioner libraries and strong academic business collections; upper-division undergraduates and up.”Choice

“In managing a crisis, both proactively and reactively, having an excellent communicator is essential. By adopting Burnett’s continuum type of stategic crisis planning, business would be better equipped to handle any emerency, large or small. By basing his crisis plan on soud business advice, Burnett may help persuade reluctant businesses to include crisis management in the budgetary process. Investing in a good crisis plan and good crisis communication is money well spent.”Public Relations Quarterly


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